Dr. Rostker addresses Veterans of Foreign Wars and Reserve Officers Association

WASHINGTON, DC, March 1, 1997 (GulfLINK) - Dr. Bernard Rostker, Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses, spoke to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States on February 10th and to the Reserve Officers Association on February 18th at their mid-winter conferences.

Dr. Rostker opened both the sessions by stating, "My first priority is the health and welfare of our Gulf War veterans." Dr. Rostker, who serves as the DoD coordinator for all issues relating to Gulf War Illness, outlined the mission of his office.

"I see this mission in three parts," stated Dr. Rostker. "First, to ensure that DoD does its part to ensure that all who served in the Gulf receive appropriate medical care; second, to conduct a thorough investigation into the events of the Gulf War in an attempt to determine why so many veterans are ill; and third, to apply lessons learned from our Gulf experience to future deployments."

Dr. Rostker told the VFW and ROA members that a key factor in the success of his office will be the extent to which he strengthens partnerships with veterans service organizations and military service organizations. He said, "We will continue to work hard, be open and tell the truth. Our efforts here must have a long term effect. We must ensure that DoD puts in place all required military doctrine, personnel and medical policies, procedures and equipment to prevent future occurrences of the problems we are seeing today, and we must work cooperatively with the VA to coordinate all issues critical to these programs.

Dr. Rostker opened the floor for questions. Topics of interest to attendees were:

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