Dr. Berryman addresses Oklahoma seminar on Gulf War illnesses

OKLAHOMA, February 1, 1997 (GulfLINK) - Dr. Eric Berryman, Special Assistant for Veterans Outreach, spoke to the Oklahoma State Veterans Council and the Desert Storm Justice Foundation at their Gulf War Illness Seminar. The seminar was held on January 29 in the House of Representatives in the State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City. Dr. Berryman works in the Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses and emphasized DoD�s commitment to the health and welfare of the Gulf War veterans.

He outlined the mission of his office in three parts: "First, to ensure that DoD does its part to ensure that all who served in the Gulf receive appropriate medical care; second, to complete a thorough investigation to determine why so many veterans are ill; and third, to apply lessons learned to future deployments."

Dr. Berryman stated that a key factor in the success of his office will be the extent to which he strengthens partnerships with veterans service organizations and military service organizations.

He told the group that two vital aspects of this mission are to ensure that we learn everything possible about the potential causes of illness, including events before during and after the war and to promote improved communications with gulf veterans on the relevant health care issues. Berryman said, "This a critical endeavor because we have a moral duty to our veterans and to those who serve now. Therefore, we must understand what is making many of our people sick so that we can make the changes necessary to protect our people in the future."

Dr. Berryman opened the floor for questions. Topics of interest were:

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