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Possible Proposal to Use Chemical Weapons

[   (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4)   ]

Subject: Possible Proposal to Use Chemical Weapons

In early March 1991, it was believed that a large government force 
would be needed to eliminate the insurgents in An Najaf. Previous 
attempts to remove the rebels, including artillery attacks, had 
had only short-term effects with the insurgents regaining control 
soon as government forces left the area. The employment of 
aircraft armed with missiles, as well as the use of unspecified 
"liquids" (possibly chemical weapons), was proposed as part of an 
attack scenario, and the city was to be surrounded to prevent 
escape. Under this scenario, the military would later be able to 
move easily throughout the city and prevent a recurrence of 
unrest. There is no evidence that this proposal, especially as 
regards the
use of "liquids," was ever specifically approved. Rather, the 
commander of government forces in An Najaf was authorized to take 
whatever action was necessary until the situation there was 
resolved. This authorization fell short of actually permitting the 
use of possible chemical munitions. Likewise, although several 
references were made to the use in An Najaf of "special 
munitions," a term previously used to designate chemical 
munitions, no evidence was available to indicate that such weapons 
were actually used.

[   (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4)   ]

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