Recently, Persian Gulf War veteran research has captured national attention. Numerous federal and nonfederal researchers are currently conducting a wide array of investigations into reports that veterans of the Persian Gulf War are suffering increased morbidity. No list of published reference works is available. Due to increasing interest and the need to continue to compile relevant references for the Gulf War veteran investigators, we decided to maintain a master bibliography for Persian Gulf War veteran epidemiological research.


To compile a master bibliography of the Persian Gulf War and related topics for researchers.


This document is the first revision of Topical Bibliography of Published Works Regarding the Health of Veterans of the Persian Gulf War, published in late 1995 and included in the Defense Technical Information Center's Gulflink World Wide Web site. Containing 1,751 references, the original version of this document was framed around a bibliography of the Persian Gulf War and associated topics, prepared by Jacqueline Van de Kamp, M.L.S., Specialized Information Services, National Library of Medicine; and John H. Ferguson, M.D., Office of Medical Applications of Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH). Containing 594 citations, their bibliography became part of the National Library of Medicine's Current Bibliographies in Medicine (94-3).

We have added considerably to the Van de Kamp-Ferguson work, and continue to monitor for related published works.


This document currently lists 2,158 references, divided into 21 categories.


In addition to publication as a Navy Technical Document, copies of this work may be obtained from the Defense Technical Information Center's Gulflink on the World Wide Web: We will continue periodically to update this bibliography on the Gulflink.

We appreciate suggestions for further additions, corrections, or improvements to this bibliography.



Gregory C. Gray, M.D., M.P.H. GRAY@VAX309.NHRC.NAVY.MIL

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