Table 4-1-Major Pesticides Shipped by DOD for Use During the Gulf War*

Pesticide (common name) and form    Class                  

Carbaryl (Sevin) insecticide dust   Methyl carbamate       
  and spray 10- and 4-lb bags                                                 

Chlorpyrifos (Dursban) insecticide  Organophosphorus       
  pray 1- and 5-gal cans                                                     

DEET insect repellent for           Other                  
  clothing/personal use                                      
  2-oz bottles/tubes and 1-oz                               
  sticks (Cutter), 33% DEET                                  

Diazinon insecticide spray and      Organophosphorus       
  dust 25-lb and 1-gal cans                                                      
Dichlorvos (Vapona) insecticide     Organophosphorus       
  plastic strips                                            

Lindane                             Chlorinated            
  (gamma-benzene-hexachloride)      hydrocarbon            
  insecticide dust 2-oz cans                                          

Malathion insecticide spray         Organophosphorus       
  1- and 5-gal cans                                         

Methomyl (Lannate) insecticide      Methyl carbamate       
  fly bait 5-lb cans                                                       

Permethrin insect repellent for     Pyrethroid             
  clothing use 6-oz aerosol can                                                

Propoxur (Baygon) insecticide       Methyl carbamate       
  roach and ant spray                                        
  1-gal cans, 28-oz aerosol cans                            

Pyrethroid insecticides**           Pyrethroids other      
  20-, 12-, and 11-oz aerosol cans  than permethrin        

Rodenticide baits                   (Variety)              
  5- and 11-lb cans                                         

* Pesticides shipped in small amounts were pentachlorophenol, boric acid, Combat cockroach bait, bendiocarb insecticide, and pyrenone mosquito capsules. Including d-phenothrin, d-trans-allethrin, resmethrin, or pyrethrins with synergists.

** Including d-phenothrin, d-trans-allethrin, resmethrin, or pyrethrins, with synergists.

SOURCE: Committee, 1996.