Table 3-6-Frequency Distribution of
Major Diagnostic Categories Among 284
Gulf War Veterans in Great Britain

Primary diagnostic              Percent of 284     
    category                      patients*  

Psychological conditions              35      

SSIDC (including CFS)**               15      

Respiratory diseases                   9     

Skin diseases                          8     

Digestive diseases                     7     

Musculoskeletal diseases               6     

Nervous system diseases                6     

Circulatory system disease             3     

Genitourinary diseases                 2     

Infectious diseases                    1     

Endocrine conditions                   1     

Cancer                                 1     

* Note, some patients were healthy.

** SSIDC = Symptoms, Signs, and Ill-defined conditions

CFS = Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

SOURCE: W. Coker, Consultant Specialist in Internal Medicine, British Ministry of Defence, "Overview of the Health of Coalition Forces," presentation at VA National Conference: Current Concepts of Persian Gulf Veterans Illnesses, Long Beach, CA, August 1996.