Table 3-13-Ten Most Common Symptoms
Among 10,391 Registry Participants
Who Have Symptoms* But No Diagnosis

Symptom                                     (of 10,391)   

Fatigue                                         29     

Headache                                        22     

Skin rash                                       20     

Muscle, joint pain                              16     

Loss of memory and other general symptoms       15     
Shortness of breath                             10     

Sleep disturbances                               7    

Chest pain                                       5    

Cough                                            4    

Diarrhea and other GI symptoms                   4    

* Note that the top three symptoms are computerized for each patient in the VA Registry.

SOURCE: H.K. Kang, N.A. Dalager, N.A., and K.Y. Lee, "Health Surveillance of Persian Gulf War Veterans-A Review of the DVA Persian Gulf Registry Data," unpublished report, Department of Veterans Affairs, March 1996.