Table 3-10 -- Most Frequent Psychological Conditions Among Participants
in DOD's CCEP and VA's Registry

                                              CCEP participants    participants   
                                                (N=18,075)          (N=52,216)    

                                                     Any of top                   
Psychological                              Primary      seven       Any of top    
condition*                                diagnosis   diagnoses  three diagnoses  

Major depressive disorder                    1.8%        3.0%           NA        

Neurotic depression (dysthymia)              1.1         3.0            NA        

Depression, not otherwise specified          2.9         6.2            2.5%      

stress disorder Post-traumatic               2.8         5.2            2.9        

Anxiety disorders                            0.7         2.2            1.6        

Adjustment disorders                         1.3         2.5            NA        

Alcohol-related disorders                    0.4         1.7            NA        

Substance-related disorders                  0.3         2.9            NA      

NA = Not available

*Tension headache also is coded under the category of psychological conditions. It was diagnosed in 11.3 percent of CCEP participants and 2.3 percent of Registry participants.

SOURCES: U.S. Department of Defense, Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program for Persian Gulf War Veterans: CCEP Report on 18,598 Participants (Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Defense, 1996); and H.K. Kang, N.A. Dalager, and K.Y. Lee, "Health Surveillance of Persian Gulf War Veterans-A Review of the DVA Persian Gulf Registry Data," unpublished report, Department of Veterans Affairs, March 1996.