Figure 1-1 -- Key Organizations on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses

1992August 1992 - Expert Panel on Petroleum ToxicitySponsor: DOD
1993July 1993 - Office of Technology Assessment Workshop on Persian Gulf HealthSponsor:
October 1993 Institute of Medicine Committee to Review the Health Consequences of Service During the Persian Gulf WarSponsor: VA/DOD
December 1993-June 1994 - Defense Science Board Sponsor: DOD
1994January 1994 - Persian Gulf Veterans Coordinating Board*Sponsor: DOD
February 1994 - Persian Gulf Expert Scientific PanelSponsor: VA
April 1994 - National Institutes of Health Technology Assessment Workshop PanelSponsor: DOD/DHHS/VA/EPA
May 1994 Dr. Harrison Spencer, Dean, Tulane School of Public Health Independent CounselSponsor: DOD
June 1994 - Institute of Medicine Committee to Review DOD's Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program*Sponsor: DOD
1995March 1995 Senior Level Oversight Panel, Persian Gulf Investigation Team, and Declassification Program Sponsor: DODSponsor: DOD
March 1995 Task Force on Analysis and Declassification of Intelligence Records Sponsor: CIASponsor: CIA
Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans´┐Ż Illnesses May 26, 1995 Sponsor:
1996November 1996 Special Assistant for Gulf War Veterans´┐Ż Illnesses* Sponsor: DODSponsor: DOD
November 1996 Special Assistant to the President for Gulf War Veterans Illnesses* Sponsor: National Security CouncilSponsor: National Security Council
*Operations ongoing