Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Committee
Special Report


Executive Director Robyn Y. Nishimi, Ph.D.

Deputy Director

Gary L. Caruso

Deputy Director/Counsel1

Holly L. Gwin, Esq.

Research Staff

Joseph S. Cassells, M.D., M.P.H. - Senior Advisor
Mark A. Brown, Ph.D. - Senior Policy Analyst
Michael E. Kowalok, M.A. - Policy Analyst
John D. Longbrake - Coordinator, Public Affairs and Policy Analyst
Joan P. Porter, M.P.H., D.P.A - Senior Policy Analyst
Nancy Rocha - Special Assistant and Research Analyst
James C. Turner, Esq. - Senior Policy Analyst

Administrative Staff

Carol A. Bock - Executive Assistant
Barbara A. Bradley - Conference and Travel Services/Technical Editor
Michael R. Brown - Administrative Services
Vincent E. McCall, Jr. - Telecommunications and Computing Services
Debra J. McCurry - Information and Reference Services
M. Cecile Parker - Administrative Officer
Linda S. Rayford - Desktop Publishing/Word Processing Specialist
Tracy C. Smith - Administrative Secretary

Former Staff and Consultants

Kelley A. Brix
Miles W. Ewing
Thomas C. McDaniels
Lois M. Joellenbeck
Nicole M. Stern
Kathi E. Hanna
Philip B. Jackson
Barbara V. Ketchum
Mary Lou Higgs
Susan J. Hoffmeyer
Timothy E. Phillips
Jonathan B. Tucker

1 Through May 9, 1997