Excerpt From:

DoD News Briefing, Captain Mike Doubleday, December 17, 1996

Q: The Khamisiyah modeling was to have been delivered to the Pentagon. Do you have any update on that?

A: The only update that I have is that we anticipate receiving a briefing on the subject of the work that has been done on this, on the modeling, some time this week. And if there's anything that comes out of that, I will be back to you.

Q: Is it in the building? Is it still being analyzed?

A: My understanding, there may be some paper in the building, but nobody in the building has been briefed on it yet. And we anticipate that there will be a briefing later this week that will go over the results of what they have been doing. But I just want to hasten to add that what we're talking about here is the study that has been done by the Institute of Defense Analysis. IDA is what they are called. It does not actually apply numbers to the models. It just looks at the models themselves.

Q: In other words, it defines a geographical area?

A: I do not know that. That's why I say I think we've got to be briefed on this before we can really tell you much about it.

Q: Do they include a simulation? IDA does simulations. Do they include a simulation?

A: Again, I can't tell you. My sense is that there is information that we are going to have to apply to the models after we actually receive the report and receive the models that will enable us to come to some decision, but we're not to that point yet.