July 24, 1997

Dear Gulf War Veteran:

I am sending this letter because we have determined that your unit was near Khamisiyah, Iraq in early March 1991. My purpose is to update you on our investigation of the U.S. demolitions of Iraqi weapons at Khamisiyah and what this may mean for you.

When rockets were destroyed in the pit area at Khamisiyah on March 10, 1991, low levels of the nerve agents sarin and cyclosarin may have been released in the air. If you were with your unit at this time, our analysis shows that because of your location, you were not exposed to nerve agents, even at extremely low levels.

As always, if you have health concerns which might be related to your service in the Gulf War, you are encouraged to enroll in the DoD Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program by calling 1-800-796-9699, or the Department of Veterans Affairs Persian Gulf Registry, 1-800-749-8387. If you have already received a registry examination and you continue to have health concerns, you should contact your closest military treatment facility or VA medical center to schedule a follow-up appointment. Please feel free to share this letter with your personal physician. If you are healthy and not experiencing any symptoms, there is no need for you to seek medical attention.

The health of Gulf War veterans is extremely important to us. The DoD and VA are committed to providing the best possible medical care to all veterans and equally committed to gaining a full understanding of all the possible health effects of service during the war. As we learn more about events during the Gulf War, we will continue to keep veterans informed.

Bernard Rostker

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