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April 1, 1997


Benard Rostker, special assistant for Gulf War illnesses announced today that the Worldwide Web site, GulfLINK has a new interactive electronic mail (e-mail) capability. The new e-mail feature allows Gulf War veterans and the public to communicate directly over the internet with the Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses.

"This is one more way that we can reach out to Gulf War veterans," said Rostker. "This new e-mail capability is an important feedback mechanism for us to communicate with Gulf War veterans and for veterans to ask us questions and provide valuable feedback on such things as our case narratives -- the first being the demolitions operation at Khamisiyah, which is already published on the GulfLINK site." This new feature is a further reflection of an open process which allows Gulf War veterans and all concerned individuals an opportunity to review the investigative efforts underway.

The GulfLINK internet site was established in August 1995 to provide immediate on-line access to medical, operational, and intelligence documents from the Gulf War that might help us better understand the nature of the illnesses being experienced by many veterans.

The e-mail capability can be accessed through the internet at the following address: [now - ed]. From this site, the GulfLINK home page, click on our e-mail address,

In addition to the GulfLINK internet site, several toll-free numbers are available to Gulf War veterans to report information or to receive a medical evaluation. The Gulf War incident hotline number 1-800-472-6719 can be used to report information related to experiences from the war. Individuals still on active duty experiencing health problems that they feel are attributed to their service in the Gulf are encourage to call the Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program (CCEP) at 1-800-796-9699. Individuals that have separated from the service who have health concerns can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-800-PGW-VETS.


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