Gulf War Cross Reference File


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AA Assembly area.

AABn, Assault Amphibian Battalion (USMC)

AAR, After Action Review(Report)

ACE, Armored Combat Engineer

ACE, Armored Combat Excavator

AECC, Aeromedical Evacuation Control Center

AELT, Aeromedical Evacuation Liaison Team

AES, Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron

AI, Air Interdiction

Aid Station


A6- Intruder
A7- Corsair
AV8B- Harrier
A10- Warthog
C130- Hercules
EA-6B- Prowler
E2-C- Hawkeye
F4- Phantom/Wild Weasel
F16- Falcon
F18- Hornet
OV-10- Bronco
S3- Viking

Air Defense

AAA - Antiaircraft Artillery
AADC - Area Air Defense Commander
ADA - Air Defense Artillery
ADOC - Air Defense Operations Center
ATBM - Antitactical Ballistic Missile
FAN SONG - Air defense radar associated with SA-2
Patriot - PAC
SAM - Surface-to-air missile - SA
STRAIGHT FLUSH - Target acquisition radar associated with SA-6
VADS - Vulcan Air Defense System


NCP - Non-US Coalition Partner
See also individual countries by name


AA&E - Arms, Ammunition and Explosives
ADAM - Area denial artillery munitions
AMMOLOG - Ammunition Logistics
APFSDS - Armor Piercing, Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot
ASP - Ammunition supply point
ATP - Ammunition transfer point
Class V
DAO - Division ammunition officer
HE - High explosive
HEAT - High Explosive Anti-Tank
HELLFIRE - Helicopter-launched fire and forget missile
HEP-T - High explosive plastic-tracer
PGM- Precision Guided Munitions

APS, Afloat Prepositioned Ships

ARCENT, US Army Central Command (3d Army)

ARG, Amphibious Ready Group

Armored Car


Armored Personnel Carrier/Fighting Vehicle System

AAV- Assault Amphibious Vehicle Series (USMC)
APC - Armored Personnel Carrier
BFV - Bradley Fighting Vehicle
BFVS - Bradley Fighting Vehicle System
CFV - Cavalry Fighting Vehicle
IFV- Infantry fighting vehicle
LAV-Light Armored Vehicle (USMC)
M113 - Armored Personnel Carrier
M2 - Infantry Fighting Vehicle
M2/3 - Bradley Fighting Vehicle
M3 - Cavalry Fighting Vehicle


AN/TPQ-36 - Firefinder Counter mortar radar - Q-36,
AN/TPQ-37 - Firefinder Counterbattery radar Q-37
ATACMS - Army Tactical Missile System
DIVARTY - Division Artillery
FA - Field Artillery
FIST - Fire Support Team
FO - Forward Observer
FSCOORD - Fire support coordinator
M102 - 105mm Howitzer
M109 Series - 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer M198 - 155mm Howitzer
M110 - 8-inch Self-Propelled Howitzer
MLRS - Multiple Launch Rocket System

ASW, Anti Submarine Warfare

ATO, Air Tasking Order


AH-1 - Cobra Attack Helicopter
AH-64 - Apache Attack Helicopter
ALAT - Aviation Logistics Assistance Team
ASOC - Air support operations center
AVCRAD - Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot
AVGAS - Aviation Gasoline
AVIM - Aviation intermediate maintenance
AVN - Aviation
AVSCOM - Aviation Systems Command
AVUM - Aviation unit-level maintenance
Black Hawk - UH-60 utility helicopter
CAB - Combat aviation brigade
CH - Cargo Helicopter
CH-46- Sea Knight
CH-47 - Chinook Cargo Helicopter
CH-53- Sea Stallion
HELLFIRE - Helicopter-launched fire and forget missile
Kiowa - OH-58 Observation Helicopter
MH-47K - SOF modified Chinook Helicopter
MH-60K - SOF modified Black Hawk Helicopter
MPLH - Multipurpose Light Helicopter
OH-58D - Kiowa Warrior Scout Helicopter
OV-1D - Mohawk Surveillance System
QUICKFIX - Tactical heliborne electronic warfare jamming system mounted on EH-1H or EH-1X aircraft; QUICKFIX II is mounted on EH-60A
RPV - Remotely Piloted Vehicle
SLAR - Side-looking airborne radar
TALO - Theater Aviation Logistics Officer
TAM - Transportation aircraft maintenance
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UH-1 - Huey - Iroquois utility helicopter
UH-60 - Black Hawk Helicopter

AVLB, Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge

AWACS, Airborne Warning and Control System

BB, Battleship

BDA, Battle Damage Assessment

Biological Warfare, BW

gas gangrine
gas gangrine
NBC - Nuclear, biological, chemical

BSSG, Brigade Service Support Group (USMC)

C3, Command, Control, and Communications

CAP, Combat Air Patrol

CAPDS, Chemical Agent Point Detection System

CARC, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, Paint

CAS, Close Air Support

CBPS, Chemical Biological Protective Shelter

CBU, Cluster bomb unit

CEBn, Combat Engineer Battalion (USMC)

CENTCOM, U.S. Central Command

CEV, Combat Engineer Vehicle

CG, Guided Missile Cruiser

CGN, Guided Missile Cruiser, Nuclear Propulsion

CHB, Cargo Handling Battalion

Chemical Warfare, CW

NBC - Nuclear, biological, chemical
See also Chemical Alarms, Chemical Agents, Chemical Defensive Equipment, Chemical Agent Countermeasures
Chemical Agents

Nerve Agents

GA - Tabun
GB - Sarin
GD - Soman

Blister Agents

ED - Ethyldichlorarsine
H - Levinstein Mustard
HD - Distilled Mustard
HL - Mustard-Lewisite
HN-1 - HN-2 - HN-3 - Nitrogen Mustard
L - Lewisite
MD - Methyldichloroarsine
Mustard T-mixture
PB - Phenyldichloroarsine

Choking Agents

AC - Hydrogen Cyanide

Blood Agents

SA - Arsine
CG - phosgene
CK - Cyanogen Chloride
DP - Diphosgene


CX - Phosgene Oxime

Incapacitating Agents






Chemical Agent Countermeasures

CANA - Convulsive antidote nerve agent
NAAK - Nerve Agent Antidote Kit
NAPP - Nerve agent pyridostigmine [bromide] pretreatment - PB Pills

Chemical Defensive Equipment , CDE

BDO - Battle Dress Overgarment
CPOG - Chemical Protective Overgarment
M17 Series - Protective Mask
M24 - Protective Mask
M40 - Protective Mask
M42 - Protective Mask
M51 - CBPS - Chemical Biological Protective Shelter
MOPP - Mission-oriented protective posture
Sanator - M-17 decontamination device
SCPE - Simplified Collective Protection Equipment

Chemical Detection and Alarms

ACAA - Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm
ANBACIS II - Automated Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Information System
CAM - Chemical Agent Monitor
M256A1 - Chemical Detector Kit
M8 - Detector Paper
M8A1 - Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm/Detector
M9 - Detector Paper
NBCRS - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance System - Fox

CIA, Central Intelligence Agency

Civil Affairs, CA

CAG - Civil Affairs Group
CMO - Civil-military operations

Civilians -- Civ

ASG - Army Support Group
CFT - Contract Field Team
DC - Displaced Civilians

CNO, Chief of Naval Operations

COE, Corps of Engineers

Command and Control

BCCC - Airborne battlefield command and control center
C2 - Command and control
C3 - Command, control, and communications
C3I - Command, control, communications, and intelligence
CINC- Commander in Chief
COMUS- Commander, US
WWMCCS - Worldwide Military Command and Control System


AN/PSC-2 - Small computer used to transmit data over FM radio
AN/VRC - Army-Navy/Vehicular Radio Communications
AN/VSC-2 - Radio-teletype set mounted on HMMWV
AUTODIN - Automatic Digital Network
AUTOVON - Automatic Voice Network
Bric - Commercially procured hand-held short-range radio
CECOM - U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command
COMSAT - Communications Satellite
DCA - Defense Communications Agency
DCS - Defense Communications System
DDN, Defense Data Network
DSCS - Defense Satellite Communications System,
DSN - Defense Switched Network
INMARSAT - International Maritime Satellite
MSE, Mobile Subscriber Equipment
N/PRC - Army-Navy/Portable Radio Communications
PSC-3 SATCOM - Satellite Communications Radio
SATCOM - Satellite Communications
SINCGARS - Single-channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
TACSAT - Tactical Satellite

Contamination Control Area

CRAF, Civil Reserve Air Force

CSAR, Combat Search and Rescue

CSSD, Combat Service Support Detachment (USMC)

CUCV, Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle

CV, Aircraft Carrier

CVBG, Aircraft Carrier Battle Group (USN)

CWDD, Chemical Warfare Directional Detector

CVN, Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear Propulsion

DD, Destroyer

DDG, Guided Missile Destroyer

DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency

DLI, Defense Language Institute

Dragon, Infantry Anti-Tank Weapon

DU, Depleted Uranium

ECB, Engineer Combat Battalion

Electronic Warfare, EW

ECCM - Electronic counter-countermeasures
ECM - Electronic countermeasures
IEW - Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
QUICKFIX - Tactical heliborne electronic warfare jamming system mounted on EH-1H or EH-1X aircraft; QUICKFIX II is mounted on EH-60A
Racal Jammer - ELQ-19 electronic jamming set
RWR - Radar Warning Receiver

ESB, Engineer Support Battalion (USMC)

FAC, Forward Air Control

FF, Frigate

FFG, Guided Missile Frigate

FH, Fleet Hospital

FLIR, Forward Looking Infrared

FMF, Fleet Marine Force

FMFLant, Fleet Marine Force Atlantic

FMFPac, Fleet Marine Force Pacific

FMTV, Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles

FORSCOM, Forces Command

France, Fr

Fratricide, friendly fire

FSCL, Fire Support Coordination Line

FSS, Fast Sealift Ships

Great Britain, Eng, England, United Kingdom, U.K., UK

Gulf Cooperative Council, GCC

HAB, Hardened Aircraft Bunker

HAS, Hardened Aircraft

HDC, Harbor Defense Command

HEMTT, Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

HET, Heavy Equipment Transporter

HMH, Marine Heavy Helicoptor Squadron

HML, Marine Light/Attack Helicoptor Squadron

HMM, Marine Medium Helicoptor Squadron

HMMWV, High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle

Hospitals and Medical Treatment

AECC - Aeromedical Evacuation Control Center
AELT -Aeromedical Evacuation Liaison Team
BTC - Blood Transshipment Center
CCX, - Combat Casualty Evacuation
Class VIII
CSH - Combat Support Hospital
DEPMEDS - Deployable Medical System
DMSO - Division Medical Supply Officer
DNBI - Disease, Non-Battle Injury
EVAC - Evacuation Hospital
HSC - Health Services Command
HU - Hospital Unit
JMRO - Joint Medical Regulating Office
MASH - Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MASSIF - Mobile Aeromedical Staging Facility
MEDEVAC - Medical Evacuation
MEDSOM - Medical Supply, and Optional Maintenance
MRO - Medical Regulating Office
MTF - Medical Treatment Facility
MUST - Medical Unit, Self-contained, Transportable
TAES - Tactical Aeromedical Evacuation System
TAMMIS - Theater Army Medical Materiel Information System

IFF, Identification, Friend or Foe

IIR, Intelligence Information Report

IOC, Intercept Operations Center

IR, Infrared


DMI - Directorate of Military Intelligence [also used for Israel and Egypt]
IIS - Iraqi Intelligence Service
RGFC - Republican Guard Forces Command

ITV, Improved TOW Vehicle

JCS, Joint Chiefs of Staff

JFACC, Joint Force Air Component Commander

JIC, Joint Intelligence Center

JMEM, Joint Munitions Effects Manual

JOPES, Joint Operations Planning and Execution System

JULLS, Joint Universal Lessons Learned System

KFIA, King Fahad International Airport

KKMC, King Khalid Military City


KERO - Kuwait Emergency Recovery Organization
KTF - Kuwaiti Task Force
KTO - Kuwaiti Theater of Operations

LAADBn, Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, (USMC)

LAAMBn, Light AntiAircraft Missile Battalion (USMC)

LAIBn, Light Armored Infantry Battalion (USMC)

LAMPS, Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (USN)

LANDSAT, Land Satellite, NASA/NOAA Satellite Program

LANTIRN, Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared System for Night

LAVBn, Light Armored Vehicle Battalion (USMC)

LAW, Light anti-tank weapon

LCC, Amphibious Command Ship

LHA/LHD, Amphibious Assault Ship, Multi-Purpose

LKA, Amphibious Cargo Ship


AMC - Army Materiel Command
AMCCOM - U.S. Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command
AMDF - Army Master Data File
APS - Afloat Prepositioned Ships
AR2 - Army War Reserve in Europe
ARPS - Army Prepositioned Stock
ASG - Army Support Group
ASL - Authorized stockage list
AVSCOM - Aviation Systems Command
AWR - Army War Reserve
CECOM - U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command
CFT - Contract Field Team
Class [of supply]
COSCOM - Corps Support Command
CTAS - Corps Theater Automated Supply System
DASS - Defense Automated Supply System
DESCOM - U.S. Army Depot Systems Command
Desert Express
DISCOM - Division support command
DLA - Defense Logistics Agency
DLR - Depot Level Repairable
DMMC - Division materiel management center
DOS - Day of Supply
LAO - Logistics Assistance Office/Officer
LAP - Logistics Assistance Program
LAR - Logistics Assistance Representative
LB - Logistics Base
LOC - Lines of communications
LOC - Logistics Operations Center
LOGPAC - Logistics package
LSG - Logistics Support Group
Maritime Prepositioned Squadrons
MICOM - U.S. Army Missile Command
MMC - Materiel management center
MSR - Main supply route
MTMC - Military Traffic Management Command
POMCUS - Prepositioning of Materiel Configured to Unit Sets
PREPRO - Prepositioned
RO/RO - Roll on-roll off cargo ship
SLOC - Sea Lines of Communication
SPOD - Sea Port of Debarkation
SPOE - Sea Port of Embarkation
SRA - Specialized Repair Activity
SSOS - Supply Support from Other Sources
SUPCOM - Support Command
TACOM - Tank-Automotive Command
TAMMC - Theater Army Materiel Management Center
TRANSCOM - Transportation Command
USASG - United States Army Support Group
WRM - War Reserve Materiel
See also Aviation.

LPH, Amphibious Assault Ship, Helicopter

LSB, Landing Support Battalion (USMC)

LST, Tank Landing Ship

M9, 9mm pistol

M9, Armored Combat Earthmover

M16, 5.56mm Rifle

M24, 7.62mm Sniper Weapon

M60, 7.62mm Machine Gun

M88, Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery

M109, 155mm Howitzer

M110A2, 8-inch Howitzer

M198, 155mm Howitzer

M220A4, TOW II Missile Launcher

M244, 60mm Mortar

M249, Squad Automatic Weapon

M252, 81mm Mortar

M723, Combat Engineer Vehicle

MAC, Military Airlift Command

MACS, Marine Air Control Squadron

MACG, Marine Air Control Group

MAG, Marine Air Group

MAGTF, Marine Air-Ground Task Force

Maps and Navigating in the Desert

AMS - Army Map Service
DMA - Defense Mapping Agency
DMAAC- Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
GPS - Global positioning system - AN/PSN-9
Magellan GPS
Navstar GPS
PLGR - Precision Lightweight Global Positioning System Receiver
SLGR - Small lightweight global positioning system receiver
Trimpack GPS

MARCENT- Marine Component, Central Command

MATCS, Marine Air Traffic Control Squadron

MAW, Marine Air Wing

MCM, Mine Countermeasures, Mine Countermeasures Ship

MCSSD, Mobile Combat Service Support Detachment

MEB, Marine Expeditionary Brigade

MEU, Marine Expeditionary Unit

Mech, Mechanized

MET, Medium Equipment Transporter

MHC, Minehunter, Coastal

Mine Warfare

AVLM - Armored Vehicle Launched MICLIC
CLAMS - Cleared Lane Marking System
CME - Countermine Equipment
FASCAM - Family of scatterable mines
GEMSS - Ground-Emplaced Mine Scattering System
M74 - Antipersonnel Mine [in GEMSS]
M75 - Antitank Mine [in GEMSS]
MICLIC - Mine Clearing Line Charge
RAAMS - Remote anti-armor mine system

MIUWU, Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit


ALARM- Air Launched Anti Radiation Missile
CALCM- Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missile
HARM- High Speed Anti Radiation Missile
SCUD- Iraqi Surface to Surface (SSM) Missile
TLAM- Tomahawk Land Attack Missile

MP, Military police

MPES, Medical Planning and Execution System

MPS, Maritime Prepositioned Ships

MRE, Meals, Ready to Eat

MSB, Minesweeper, Boat

MSC, Military Sealift Command

MSO, Minesweeper, Ocean

MSSG, MEU Service Support Group (USMC)

MTMC, Military Traffic Management Command

MWCS, Marine Wing Communication Squadron

MWSG, Marine Wing Support Group

MWSS, Marine Wing Support Squadron

NAVCENT, Naval Component, Central Command

NCA, National Command Authority

NGFS, Naval Gunfire Support

Night Vision and Infrared

AN/PVS-4 - Individual-Served Weapon Night Sight
AN/PVS-6 - Aviation Night Vision Imaging System
AN/PVS-7 - Night vision goggle
CECOM - U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command
CITV - Commanders Independent Thermal Viewer
FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared
IIR - Imaging Infrared
IR - Infrared
IRDS - Infrared Detection Set
NVG - Night vision goggle

NMCB, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion "Seabees"

NSA, National Security Agency

OPORD, Operations Order

OPLAN, Operations Plan

POG, Psychological Operations Group


Class III
dust palliatives
oil wells
POL - Petroleum, oils and lubricants
SWAPDOC - Southwest Asia Petroleum Distribution Operational Project
TPT - Tactical Petroleum Terminals

PM-SANG, OPM-SANG, Office of the Project Manager, Saudi Arabian National Guard


CI - Civilian Internee
EPW - Enemy Prisoners of War
GC - Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War
GPW - Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War
GWS - Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Wounded or Sick
ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross/Red Crescent
IPW - Interrogation of Prisoners of War
POW - Prisoners of War

PROFIS, Professional Officer Filler System

PSU, Port Security Unit (U.S. Coast Guard)

PSYOPS, Psychological Operations

RAAWS, Ranger Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System


AN/APS-94F - Side-looking airborne radar
AN/TPQ-36 - Firefinder Counter mortar radar - Q-36
AN/TPQ-36 - Mortar-locating radar
AN/TPQ-37 - Firefinder Counterbattery radar Q-37
AN/UPD-7 - Radar Surveillance System
CECOM - U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command
END TRAY - Radar associated with SCUD missiles
FAN SONG - Air defense radar associated with SA-2
GRADS - Ground radar aerial delivery systems
GSR - Ground Surveillance Radar
JSTARS - Joint Surveillance Target Acquisition Radar System
RWR - Radar Warning Receiver
STRAIGHT FLUSH - Target acquisition radar associated with SA-6

Recon, Reconnaissance

Red Cross

ARC - American Red Cross
ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross/Red Crescent
Red Crescent

Reserve and National Guard

ARNG - Army Reserve National Guard
IMA - Individual Mobilization Augmentation/Augmentee
IRR - Individual Ready Reserve
NGB - National Guard Bureau
OCAR - Office of the Chief, Army Reserve
RC - Reserve Component[s]
USAR - U.S. Army Reserve

ROE, Rules of Engagement

ROWPU, Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit

RPV, Remotely Piloted Vehicle

SAD, Strategic Air Defense

Saudi Arabia

EAC - Eastern Area Command
HN - Host Nation
HNS - Host Nation Support
JFC-E - Joint Forces Command-East
JFC-N - Joint Forces Command - North
KSA - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
MODA - Ministry of Defense and Aviation
NAC - Northern Area Command
RSLF - Royal Saudi Land Forces SAAF - Saudi Arabian Armed Forces
SANG - Saudi Arabian National Guard

SAW, Squad Automatic Weapon


END TRAY - Radar associated with SCUD missiles
MEL - Mobile erector-launcher

SEE, Small Equipment Excavator

SEAD, Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses

SHAW, Shoulder-Launched Automatic Weapon

Special Forces/Unconventional Warfare

ARSOC - Army Special Operations Command
ARSOFTF - Army Special Operations Forces Task Force
CINCSOC - Commander-in-Chief, Special Operations Command
CONDOR - Covert Night/Day Operations in Rotorcraft
MH-47K - SOF Modified Chinook Helicopter
MH-60K - SOF modified Black Hawk Helicopter
SBU- Special Boat Unit
SDV- SEAL Delivery Vehicle
SF - Special Forces
SFG - Special Forces Group
SFOD - Special Forces Operational Detachment
SO - Special Operations
SOC - Special Operations Command
SOCCE - Special Operations Command and Control Element
SOCCENT - Special Operations Command, CENTCOM
SOCOM - Special Operations Command
SOF - Special Operations Forces
Special Warfare Command- U.S. Navy
USASOC - U.S. Army Special Operations Command
USSOCOM - U.S. Special Operations Command
UW - Unconventional warfare

SWA, Southwest Asia

TAC, Tactical Air Command

TACC, Tactical Air Control Center

TACS, Tactical Air Control System

TACSAT, Tactical Satellite


Challenger (UK)
Chieftain (UK)
M1/M1A1 - Abrams Tank
M1A1-HA - Abrams Tank with Heavy Armor
M551 - Sheridan Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
M60 (USMC)
M84 [Yugoslavian version of the T-72)

Terrorism and Sabotage

ATOIC - U.S. Army Antiterrorism Operations and Intelligence Cell
CT - Counterterrorism

TFS, Tactical Fighter Squadron

TFW, Tactical Fighter Wing

TIS, Tactical Intelligence Squadron

TOW, Anti-Tank Missile

TRADOC, U.S. Training and Doctrine Command

UAE - United Arab Emirates

UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Units, U.S. Army

ARCENT - U.S. Central Command Army Component - Third Army
VII CORPS - 7th Corps - Jayhawk Corps
XVIII CORPS - XVIII Airborne Corps - XVIII Abn Corps - XVIII ABC - 18th Airborne Corps - 18th ABC - "Dragon Corps"
101st AB - 101st Airborne Division - 101st Airborne - 101st Air Assault Division -101st Air Assault - 101st Abn Div - 101st ID
111th ORD - 111th Ordnance Group - 111th Ord Group
11th ADA BDE - 11th Air Defense Brigade
11th AVN BDE - 11th Aviation Brigade
11th SIG BDE - 11th Signal Brigade
12th AVN BDE - 12th Aviation Brigade
142d FA BDE - 142d Field Artillery Brigade
14th MP BDE - 14th Military Police Brigade - 14th MP Brigade
16th MP BDE - 16th Military Police Brigade - 16th MP Brigade
18th AVN BDE - 18th Aviation Brigade
18th FA BDE - 18th Field Artillery Brigade (Airborne)
196th FA BDE - 196th Field Artillery Brigade
1st AD - 1st Armored Division - 1st Arm Div
1st ASG - 1st Area Support Group - ASG Dhahran
1st CD - 1st Cavalry Division - 1st Cav Div - "First Team" - 1st Cav
1st COSCOM - 1st Corps Support Command
1st EOD GP - 1st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group
1st ID - 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized) - 1st Inf Div - 1st Mech Div - 1st Mech - 1st ID(M) - "Big Red One"
207th MI BDE - 207th Military Intelligence Brigade - 207th MI Brigade
20th ENG BDE - 20th Engineer Brigade
210th FA BDE - 210th Field Artillery Brigade
212th FA BDE - 212th Field Artillery Brigade
226th ASG - 226th Area Support Group
22d SUPCOM - 22d Support Command - ARCENT SUPCOM - 22d Provisional Support Command
24th ID - 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) - 24th Inf Div - 24th Mech Div - 24th Mech - "Victory" Division - 24th ID(M)
2d ACR - 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment - 2d Cavalry Regiment - 2d Cav Regt - 2d Cav
2d AD - 2d Armored Division (Forward) - 2d Armored Division - 2d Arm Div - "Tiger Brigade"
2d ASG - 2d Area Support Group - ASG KKMC
2d AVN BDE - 2d Aviation Brigade
2d COSCOM - 2d Corps Support Command
3/160th SOAR - 3d Battalion - 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment - 3d Bn - 60th SOAR
301st ASG - 301st Area Support Group
304th CA GP - 304th Civil Affairs Group - 304th CA Group - 304th CA
321st MMC - 321st Materiel Management Center
32d TRANS - 32d Transportation Group - 32d Trans Group
352d CA CMD - 352d Civil Affairs Command
354th CA BDE - 354th Civil Affairs Brigade
35th SIG BDE - 35th Signal Brigade
360th CA BDE - 360th Civil Affairs Brigade
3d ACR - 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment - 3d Cavalry Regiment - 3d Cav Regt - 3d Cav
3d AD - 3d Armored Division - 3d Arm Div - "Spearhead"
3d PERS GP - 3d Personnel Group - 3d PERS Group
3rd MP GP - 3d Military Police Group (CID) - 3d MP Group - 3d CID - CID
411th ENG BDE - 411th Engineer Brigade
416th ENG CMD - 416th Engineer Command
42d FA BDE - 42d Field Artillery Brigade
43d CSG - 43d Corps Support Group
475th POL GP - 475th Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants Group - 475th POL Group
4th PSYOP GP - 4th Psychological Group - 4th POG
513th MI BDE - 513th Military Intelligence Brigade - 513th MI Brigade
525th MI BDE - 525th Military Intelligence Brigade - 525th MI Brigade
593d ASG - 593d Area Support Group
5th SFG - 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) - 5th SF Grp - 5th SFG(A)
6th SIG CMD - 6th Signal Command
75th FA BDE - 75th Field Artillery Brigade
7th ENG BDE - 7th Engineer Brigade
7th TRANS - 7th Transportation Group - 7th Trans Group
800th MP BDE - 800th Military Police Brigade (EPW) - 800th MP Brigade
82d AB - 82d Airborne Division - 82d Airborne - 82d Abn Div - 82d ID
89th MP BDE - 89th Military Police Brigade - 89th MP Brigade
93d SIG BDE - 93d Signal Brigade
MED GP - ARCENT Medical Group - Medical Group

Units, U.S. Marine Corps

I MEF- 1st Marine Expeditionary Force
II MEF- 2d Marine Expeditionary Force
III MEF- 3d Marine Expeditionary Force
V MEF- 5th Marine Expeditionary Force
1st MARDIV- 1st Marine Division
2d MARDIV- 2d Marine Division
3d MARDIV- 3d Marine Division
4th MARDIV- 4th Marine Division
1st MEB-1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade
4th MEB- 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
5th MEB- 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
6th MEB- 6th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
7th MEB- 7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
11th MEU(SOC)- 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)
13th MEU(SOC)- 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit
15th MEU(SOC)- 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit
22d MEU(SOC)- 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit
24th MEU(SOC)-24th Marine Expeditionary Unit
26th MEU(SOC)-26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
Task Force Papa Bear- 1st Marines- RCT 1
Task Force Taro- 3d Marines- RCT 3
Task Force Grizzly- 4th Marines- RCT 4
Task Force Ripper- 7th Marines- RCT 7
Task Force King- 11th Marines
Task Force Shepherd-1st LAIBn
1st FSSG- 1st Force Service Support Group
2d FSSG- 2d Force Service Support Group (Direct Support Command)
4th FSSG
1st MAW- 1st Marine Air Wing
2d MAW- 2d Marine Air Wing
3d MAW- 3d Marine Air Wing
4th MAW- 4th Marine Air Wing

USACE, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

USAFE, U.S. Air Force, Europe

USAREUR, United States Army, Europe

USASAC, U.S. Army Security Assistance Command

USMTM, U.S. Training Mission to Saudi Arabia

U.S. Navy Ships Participating In Desert Shield/Storm

A.J. Higgins TAO-190
Acadia AD-42
Adroit MSO-509
Algol TAKR-287
Altair TAKR-291
America CV-66
Anchorage LSD-36
Avenger MCM-1
Antietam CG-54
Barbey FF-1088
Barbour County LST-1195
Beaufort ATS-2
Bellatrix ATS-2
Biddle CG-34
Blue Ridge LCC-19
R.G. Bradley FFG-49
Bunker Hill CG-52
Brewton FF-1086
Cape Cod AD-43
Capella TAKR-293
Caron DD-970
Cayuga LST-1186
Chauvenet TAGS-29
Chicago SSN-721
Cimmaron AO-177
Comfort TAH-20
Concord AFS-5
Curtiss TAVB-4
Curts FFG-38
Denebola TAKR-289
Denver LPD-9
Detroit AOE-4
Dubuque LPD-8
Durham LKA-114
Eisenhower CVN-69
England CG-22
Fife DD-991
Flint AE-32
Ford FFG-54
Fort McHenry LSD-43
Frederick LST-1184
Gates CG-51
Germantown LSD-42
Goldsborough DDG-20
Guam LPH-9
Gunston Hall LSD-44
H.W. Hill DD-986
Haleakala AE-25
Halyburton FFG-40
Hammond FF-1067
Hassayampa TAO-145
Hawes FFG-53
Horne CG-30
Impervious MSO-449
Independence CV-42
Iwo Jima LPH-7
J. Humphreys TAO-188
J. Rodgers DD-983
J.F. Kennedy CV-67
J.L. Hall FFG-32
Jarrett FFG-33
Jason AR-8
Jouett CG-29
Juneau LPD-10
Kalamazoo AOR-6
Kansas City AOR-3
Kidd DDG-993
Kilauea TAE-26
Kiska AE-35
La Moure County LST-1194
LaSalle AGF-3
Leader MSO-490
Leftwich DD-984
Leyte Gulf CG-55
Louisville SSN-724
MacDonough DDG-39
Manitowac LST-1180
Mars AFS-1
McInerney FFG-8
McKee AS-41
Mercury TAKR-10
Mercy TAH-19
Midway CV-41
Mississippi CGN-40
Missouri BB-63
Mobile Bay CG-53
Mobile LKA-115
Montgomery FF-1082
Moosbrugger DD-980
Mount Hood AE-29
Mount Vernon LSD-39
Nassau LHA-4
Neosha TAO-143
New Orleans LPH-11
Newport News AFS-3
Niagara Falls AFS-3
Nicholas FFG-47
Nitro AE-32
Normandy CG-60
O'Brien DD-975
Ogden LPD-5
Okinawa LPH-972
Oldendorf DD-972
Opportune ARS-41
P.F. Foster DD-964
Passumpsic TAO-107
Pensacola LSD-38
Peoria LST-1183
Philadelphia SSN-690
Philippine Sea CG-58
Pittsburgh SSN-720
Platte AO-186
Pollux TAKR-290
Ponchatoula TAO-148
Portland LSD-37
Pratt DDG-44
Preble DDG-46
Princeton Cg-59
Puget Sound AD-38
R.K. Turner CG-20
Raleigh LPD-1
Ranger CV-61
D.R. Ray DD-971
Regulus TAKR-292
Reasoner FF-1063
Reid FFG-30
S.B. Roberts FFG-58
Sacramento AOE-1
Saginaw LST-1188
Sampson DDG-10
San Bernadino LST-1189
San Diego AFS-6
San Jacinto CG-56
San Jose AFS-7
Santa Barbara AE-28
Saratoga CV-60
Savannah AOE-4
Schenectady LST-1185
Scott DDG-995
Seattle AOE-3
Shasta AE-33
Shields FF-1066
Shreveport LPD-12
Sirius TAFS-8
South Carolina CGN-37
Spartanburg County LST-1192
Spica TAFS-9
Spruance DD-963
Suribachi AE-21
Sylvania AFS-2
Taylor FFG-50
T. Roosevely CVN-71
T.C. Hart FF-1092
Tarawa LHA-1
Ticonderoga CG-47
Trenton LPD-14
Tripoli LPH-10
Valley Forge CG-50
Vancouver LPD-2
Vandergrift FFG-48
Virginia CGN-38
Vreeland FF-1068
Vulcan AR-2 W.S. Diehl TAO-193
White Plains AFS-4
Wisconsin BB-64
Worden CG-18
Wright TAVB-3
Yellowstone AD-41

VMA, Marine Attack Squadron

VMA(AW), Marine Attack Electronic Warfare Squadron

VMFA, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron

VMGR, Marine Transport/Aerial Refueler Squadron

VMO, Marine Observation Squadron

VTR, Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery (M88)